What I love about traveling is the opportunity to just let go.  Actually, in my opinion... it is truly the time for self-discovery, self-reliance and sometimes it's the perfect moment for reinvention or reconnection of oneself.  Yes, you can certainly do this while at home but going away especially when traveling solo, just does something for me. I'm able to take time to hear my inner thoughts, collect ideas and sometimes allow myself to feel things that I have been avoiding. When you're so busy doing life, sometimes it's easier to simply not deal with what needs to be dealt with. This is why self-care is so important. For me, its not just therapy and talking it out that helps me get back into alignment but it's also taking a little time to go away and indulge myself into something new. It's the perfect time to perfect just being.

When thinking of this issue, I wanted to think about a place that I could go and fulfill my soft and wild side. For anyone that is looking for an amazing adventure that fulfills either or both your adventure and your relaxation side, then Botswana is the place for you.

I have to admit... I really didn't know too much about the beauty of Botswana's landscape until I heard that this is where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex fell in love (or as I would think, the location where Harry swept Meghan off her feet). I also would like to think that he had a bit of help... I mean, it is Africa and the beauty and wonder of the land is so very majestic that if you let your guard down, it can capture your soul in one quick sweep.

Botswana has so many different nuances that you can get enraptured and intoxicated with all of the wonderful things to do and and indulge yourself in. From luxurious overnight safari retreats in Botswana's national parks to horseback rides through the wilderness to spending time in the elephant sanctuaries, there are so many wonderful options that you literally will have to decide whether you want to either satisfy your need of adrenaline or simply just take it all in while laying in a hammock basking in the wonder of God's great creation. The other option (also my fave), is to plan in such a way that you can do a little or a lot of both.

I'll give you a few ideas and share with you some of my favorites both on and off the wilderness plains. Of course its best to do your research before visiting any country to make sure that you have all that you need and it is the type of adventure that you're looking for. However, what I can tell you for sure is that visiting Botswana is highly recommended. It is a place that you will never forget. And as a litte space and time for the unexpected.

Welcome to the March issue of Oceans And Roads.

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